First Post – New Remort

Decided to make my first post today since I remorted last night and figured this would be a good beginning. Just not sure what to write. 🙂

I am now Tier 7, Thief (assassin), Psi, Cleric. Level 33 as of this writing. I have done 8 campaigns so far (called cps from here on). Today was good due to 2 tps, 1 from mob and 1 from Bubba (my questor).

I am wearing my level 100 aardeq thanks to the tier bonus. Tiering rocks, in case you wondered. One of the greatest things I love about Aardwolf is all of the possible ways to play. Lasher has made it this way. As long as you follow the rules, you get to decide how you want to play.

I like to level, occasionally quest and when Yavanna is working, I cp a little to occupy my time. When we are both here, we kill, kill and killlllll… 🙂  We quest but never during double and we take and complete them together for timing purposes.  In real life, I think we would probably wear the same color/type of jackets.. I see those couples occasionally.


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