WordPress For Dummies – Available Monday 10/29

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is one of the true WordPress wizards in this world. She has written what I think will turn out to be one of the premier guides to WordPress. I can hardly wait for my copy to arrive. 🙂  Please see the blurb below but then follow the link to her site to read all of the details.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools available, with over a million registered bloggers, and climbing! This all-new Dummies guide delivers just what would-be bloggers need to get up and running with WordPress and start communicating with the world. WordPress For Dummies covers blogging basics, choosing a hosting solution or setting up a host, developing blog content, syndicating blog posts with RSS, launching a specialized blog (including podcasting, photoblogging, mobile blogging, and videoblogging), and even earning revenue.  Read it all


Automattic Acquires Gravatar

Wow.. Matt is keeping busy!

* We transferred the Rails application and most of the avatar serving to our WordPress.com infrastructure and servers.
* Avatar serving is now more than three times as fast, and works every time.
* We’re going to make all of the Premium features free

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WidgetBucks now offering better reporting!

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 10, WidgetBucks begins reporting real-time revenue-per-click (RPC) and revenue, along with existing impression and click-through data. This improves original reporting which left daily RPC and revenue fields blank until vendor auditing requirements were completed (48-72 hours).

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I made the switch to Scribefire

Since I never found any good information or reviews on AirPress, I decided to go with ScribeFire since that seems to be the current favorite wordpress blogging tool.

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Anyone using Airpress?

I read Matthew Mullenweg’s mention of Airpress and am wondering if anyone has used it and what they think of it?  Please.. leave a comment if you have.

Me and My foot

In game, people have been asking about my recent hospital stay. I am posting this in response.

A little over 2 weeks ago I was making my first visit to my new Doctor, I was changing because I was interested in being treated as a person instead of as an annoyance which is how the old doctor office made me feel. My provider was great but that was where it stopped. It took me almost 9 months of waiting for the new doctor had an opening for new patients.

flash back 3 days from this first visit
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What site do you use to host your WordPress blog and why?

I am seeking opinions and comments on what site is working best for you with your WordPress blog?  I think I will need more than what wordpress.com can supply and I am to technically challenged to do a lot of coding stuff. I am hoping to find a site that offers more than an installer. The one I use now has that but the installer doesn’t make the software work without going in and making manual changes. Plus every time there is an upgrade, one must go in and do this manually. I have heard of some sites supposedly that have scripts or whatever to even automate this part.

Basically, any and all comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 🙂