About Thirstan

Hi, my name is Thirstan and I am an Aardwolf Mud addict.

I am an odd sort of Vampire, I kill for the blood. To consume what I need to live. I never kill for sport. They call this No-Pk in the land I live. I am a rather good assassin, I kill and take what I want from my victim. Then the good part, I consume the corpse. Mmmm Good! Low carbs and tons of protein!!! 

 I am Mud-married to the hottest vampire in the land, her name is Yavanna. I will add more later. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. hi there, thanks for dropping by to my blog :). I’m really really flattered with your comment. Nice blog you have. Too bad I still haven’t finish browsing here :).

  2. v-v-v-v-vampire?

    i’m so scared, gosh……..ok, no……..if you are a vampire then guess what, i will just call buffy if i sense danger 😀

    and thanks for visiting my blog! and your nice comments! i thought you said you are a newbie? hmm, then congrats 😀 you sure have a lot going on here for a newbie!

    and oh! give my greetings to mama vampire!

  3. Gratz on LOTTERY! 🙂

  4. i miss you fella.

  5. I miss you, Thirstan. It’s never been the same ..

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