Automattic Acquires Gravatar

Wow.. Matt is keeping busy!

* We transferred the Rails application and most of the avatar serving to our infrastructure and servers.
* Avatar serving is now more than three times as fast, and works every time.
* We’re going to make all of the Premium features free

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Attention you lurkers!!

If you have a link you think I should be showing, let me know. Post a comment and I will check it out and add it if I think it is appropriate. Especially if you have a personal blog or whatever that covers aardwolf.

Glory Be! I made the hour of double!

Sweet, I  seem to never make the hour of double and at 9k per level it makes killing more fun. Managed to finish the evening at level 80. Not to shabby. Mostly we stayed in Scarred Lands, Talsa – Moricand and also killed a few cargo workers in the first part of Talsa.

I think tomorrow at some point I will be switching alignments as we begin the ft/ft2 killing spree. Chiketa got the millionth kill in this time. To bad we no longer get a prize for it.

I was thinking earlier, I wonder how many hours of fun Lasher has generated on this mud. I mean, all these thousands of players spending thousands of hours each playing.. HUGE achievement if you ask me. Thanks Lasher.

27 qps

Decent quest. 18 base + 7 tier + 2 mccp. I wish I knew how many mccp qps I have received over the past couple of years. Anyway, back to bed. Neeeed sleeeeeeeeeep…

Made level 70 just before questing.

5am and the need to kill

Funny how I wake up in the middle of the night, if you consider 5am the middle of the night. I was in bed early, mainly due to my foot throbbing. The hole they cut stayed pain free most of the day but of course, when it was time to relax, it hurt like a ^^%5%%!

Anyway, I am level 68 and killing in scarred lands, the first part. Seems like last mort I was still getting good exp in talsa (cargo workers, freelance and ex-p) but this time they have dropped really low. I killed some on anthrox, getting less than 100 for the most part. Seems like it takes 150ish to make me happy. *shrug*

Time to quest.

46 and counting

Made it to 46 tonight, goal was 45 so kudos to me, I was amazed that for the entire 4 hours we never had a single double. I am thinking I might have a separate page and post a command of the day. I am not very mudwise but I know enough to maybe refresh some memories. 🙂 

Short post at the moment, my foot is killing me and I need to get it up.

First Post – New Remort

Decided to make my first post today since I remorted last night and figured this would be a good beginning. Just not sure what to write. 🙂

I am now Tier 7, Thief (assassin), Psi, Cleric. Level 33 as of this writing. I have done 8 campaigns so far (called cps from here on). Today was good due to 2 tps, 1 from mob and 1 from Bubba (my questor).

I am wearing my level 100 aardeq thanks to the tier bonus. Tiering rocks, in case you wondered. One of the greatest things I love about Aardwolf is all of the possible ways to play. Lasher has made it this way. As long as you follow the rules, you get to decide how you want to play.

I like to level, occasionally quest and when Yavanna is working, I cp a little to occupy my time. When we are both here, we kill, kill and killlllll… 🙂  We quest but never during double and we take and complete them together for timing purposes.  In real life, I think we would probably wear the same color/type of jackets.. I see those couples occasionally.