Me and My foot

In game, people have been asking about my recent hospital stay. I am posting this in response.

A little over 2 weeks ago I was making my first visit to my new Doctor, I was changing because I was interested in being treated as a person instead of as an annoyance which is how the old doctor office made me feel. My provider was great but that was where it stopped. It took me almost 9 months of waiting for the new doctor had an opening for new patients.

flash back 3 days from this first visit
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What site do you use to host your WordPress blog and why?

I am seeking opinions and comments on what site is working best for you with your WordPress blog?  I think I will need more than what can supply and I am to technically challenged to do a lot of coding stuff. I am hoping to find a site that offers more than an installer. The one I use now has that but the installer doesn’t make the software work without going in and making manual changes. Plus every time there is an upgrade, one must go in and do this manually. I have heard of some sites supposedly that have scripts or whatever to even automate this part.

Basically, any and all comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Ok, had to switch

I originally was going to host my own wordpress blog but I am so technically challenged that I was lost. I decided to host it on the wp free site and will see how this works out. So much more help and most is automated so I don’t have to learn all the details. I can let them do it so I am free for other stuff.

Hopefully this will all work out.